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Historian and Earl Brown Tournament - Jack LeFevour
Advisory Committee - Jack LeFevour, Joe Grill, Rich and John O'Connell,
Mike Shannon, Dan Gilmartin, Jim Patton
1.  Dues must be paid on or prior to the first week of play. 
2.  The league will consist of eight (8) teams of eight (8) men each.
3.  Players of each team shall be rated Class A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H according to last year's average.
4.  All matches shall be played according to Class, that is, the A player of a team is matched against the A player of the opposing team, etc. Each player is responsible for contacting his opponent for the next match.
5.  All matches shall be played according to the official league schedule and on the prescribed nine with a deadline of 4:30. A Fifteen minute late period will be the maximum time allowed before the forfeiture of a match. For example, if two players agree to play one another at 4:00 p.m. starting time and one player is late more than fifteen minutes without contacting the other player, he forfeits the match.  All player's phone numbers and email are listed on a separate page of this site as well as the number for White Pines Golf Course.  There will be no matching of cards, or other off-day scheduling for personal reasons.  No points will be awarded for violations - no exceptions



6.  If darkness or inclement weather intervenes prior to the completion of the sixth(6) hole and 50% of the league doesn't complete their matches, the match shall be considered incomplete and shall be played in its entirety on a date determined by the board.
7.  Score cards must indicate the last names and team numbers of the player and his opponent and must be signed by each player, also indicating as to who is the winner of the match and medal play. Player who has no opponent MUST PLAY THE SCHEDULED NINE with a league member and have him sign the card. A player violating this rule will receive no points. The league secretary will NOT be held responsible for results not posted or incorrectly turned in by the players on the scorecard. It is mandatory that scorecards be turned into the secretary or deposited in the scorecard box immediately upon completion of the match.
8. Handicaps are computed by using a player's best 10 of the last 20 scores. The actual scores will be used to compute the players average. Class Handicap Maximums are in effect.  The Officers have reviewed handicaps with the move to White Pines, and the following max handicaps more accurately reflect members’ handicaps today: A = 9, B = 11, C = 12, D = 13, E = 15, F = 16, G = 20, H = 24. In addition, the league officers reserve the right to modify the maximums at the start of a new year if they appear out of line. An asterisk (*) will designate a handicap at max. All new players will use the lowest handicap for their class until they establish their own handicap.
9.  Tee-off time will be no earlier than that prescribed by White Pines Golf Club. All players are urged to tee-off as early as possible and to play with the least possible delay to avoid incomplete matches due to darkness. If a player has the ability to finish the 9 holes -and doesn't- the player will get no points for medal play.
10.  Any player choosing to withdraw from league play must notify a league officer. Any refunded dues will be provided ONLY if a new player joins the league and takes the leaving player's spot.
11.  Points will be awarded as follows:
      Each individual will be awarded:
      (A)    Two (2) points for each match won on match                 play (hole-by-hole). Full handicap basis
      (B)    Two (2) points for each match won on medal                 play (total score). Full handicap basis.
      (C)    One (1) point each for each match tied on
                match or medal play. Full handicap basis
      Each team will be awarded:
      (A)    Two (2) points for each individual match                        won on match play.
      (B)    Two (2) points for each individual match won
                on medal play.
      (C)    One (1) point each for each individual match 
               tied on medal or match play.
NOTE:  Forfeitures Refer to Rules 5 & 7
12.  Handicaps for match play must be given according to scorecards. Forfeit match points will be awarded as follows:
    (A)    Player must play his match on the scheduled 
              day (Rule 5).
    (B)    Player will automatically be awarded two (2)
             points on match play.
    (C)    Medal play points will be awarded on the 
             players handicap plus 50% of his handicap. 
             Example: No. 1 player has a 10 handicap, 50% of 10 is 5: 10 +5=15 handicap, par for the 9 is 35, 35 + 15=50, player is shooting against a score of 50. Player shoots 49, wins two (2) medal points, 50 wins one (1) medal point, 51 wins no medal points.  Example: No. 2 player has a 7 handicap, 50% of 7 is 3 1/2:  7+3 1/2=10 1/2 handicap, par for nine is 35, 35 + 10 1/2= 45 1/2. Player shoots 45, wins two (2) medal points, 46 no medal points. Player cannot win only one medal point with an odd number handicap
13. Team and individual winner will be determined by the total number of points won.
14.  The twenty-eight (28) point system will be used; that is the best seven(7) of eight (8) results of each individual match will be used in computing team points, thereby providing for a maximum of twenty eight (28) points. 

15.  The ball cannot be touched in rough or in the sand. Play the ball where it lies. Penalty two (2) strokes. A move is allowed if a lift and clean has been declared due to wet grounds. Also, if your ball falls in a divot or an unplayable lie, you may move it if your opponent allows you to.
16.  There is no penalty if the player strikes the pin while the pin is in the hole, if the player shot from off the green.
17.  Gimmes are a part of match play and are allowed, but are between you and your opponent. They should not be given for a putt farther than the handle of your putter, and can only be given to you by your opponent.  If your opponent is not there, it can be given to you by anyone in your foursome. When you are given a gimme, it is not a freebie. You add a stroke just as if you putted out.
18.  No re-tee over water is allowed. If you cannot get over with your tee shot, drop your ball in the drop zone on the other side and take your third shot.
No re-tee over creeks is allowed. If you go in a creek, drop your ball two club lengths from where you entered the creek.  If you made it over but your ball fell or trickled back in, you may drop on the other side no more than two club lengths from where you went in. Either way, you are hitting your third shot
19. Three minute rule for lost ball.  Three minutes from the time you enter the search area, as determined by your opponent or the other members of your group. Drop a ball where you believe it got lost, hit it out, and take your stroke penalty for the lost ball. Either way, dropping a ball in the middle of the fairway laterally is not allowed.
20. Trees – If you hit a ball into the tree area, you must hit it back to the fairway after you find it.  No free drops in the fairway are allowed. If lost, drop a new ball where you believe your ball should be, and hit it out to the fairway.  Take a penalty stroke for lost ball.
21.  In the event of a dispute of any nature not covered by the rules, the decision of the League Officers will be final.
Rules cannot be changed by the League Officers without notification and a vote by the league.  However, clarifications are not changes but a finer definition of a rule already agreed upon and is at the discretion of the League Officers.
22.  All members qualify for the Little Sergeant Trophy who have established a handicap for any prior year.

23.  Senior/ Forward tees will be available for players 75 and over  OR player in G or H Flight.
For the final round of the year, The Executive Board has the right to put all Little Sergeant contenders on the East Course.

Members will be playing their regularly scheduled opponent, but contenders for the Little Sergeant Award will be in the same final group or groups.

League Secretary will post the pairings on the schedule online and email contenders and their opponents 
to notify them of any adjustments.
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