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Starting 2024 season there will be 2 separate Hole in One pots, $1 and $20.

The $1 pot will be paid for by dues from all full-time members. The $20 pot is a voluntary additional fee for any member that wants to pay in for the season. A member must pay in before the season starts to be eligible to win the $20 pot for that season. The $20 entry fee must be paid each season for the member to be eligible. A member can take a season off but is not eligible to win that season. At the beginning of the 2025 season the pots will be $5 (increased from $1 per member) and $20. The $5 will be a separate line item to the normal League Fees for the season. The $20 pot will still be voluntary in 2025 and moving forward. 

Both Pots will be held, tracked, and managed by the League Executive Board with the 
League Treasurer carrying primary responsibility. Funds in both pots will roll over each year if there is no winner in a season. If either or both pots are won in a season, the members of the league can re-up for the remainder of the season and the funds will carry over to the following season.

Winning Hole in One: The Hole in One must be witnessed and verified by other members of the League. If a member is only in the $1/$5 pot, they only win the money available in that pot. If a member has chosen to contribute to the $20 pot for the season that member wins the $20 pot and $1/$5 pot.
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